2016 AT&T Winter National Championships - Day Two Recap

2016 AT&T Winter National Championships - Day Two Recap

 | Friday, December 2, 2016

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Women’s 500y Freestyle - Final

  1. Lindsey Clary (Riverside, Calif./Ohio State University), 4:39.33
  2. Brooke Zeiger (Cumberland, R.I./University of Minnesota), 4:39.55
  3. Stephanie Marchuk (Winnetka, Ill./Indiana University), 4:41.53
Race Notes

  • Clary surged past Zeiger over the final 50 yards for the come-from-behind win.
  • Clary is the younger sister of 2012 Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary.

Men’s 500y Freestyle - Final
  1. Marwan El Kamash (Alexandria, Egypt/Indiana University), 4:13.44
  2. Max Irwin (Bloomington, Ind./Indiana University), 4:18.51
  3. Jorden Merrilees (North Melbourne, Australia/University of North Carolina), 4:19.04
Race Notes
  • Indiana University swimmers placed first, second and fourth in the men’s 500y free.

Women's 200y Individual Medley - Final
  1. Melanie Margalis (Clearwater, Fla./Saint Petersburg Aquatics), 1:53.16
  2. Meg Bailey (Merewether, Australia/Ohio State University), 1:57.81
  3. Miranda Tucker (Plymouth, Mich./Club Wolverine), 1:58.00
Race Notes
  • Margalis’ time of 1:53.16 was a new Winter Nationals record; she led wire-to-wire in the event.
  • Margalis finished fourth in the 200m IM at the 2016 Olympic Games; she won gold as a member of the 800m free relay in Rio. She is competing for the first time since the Games.
Margalis (on competing in her first meet since the Olympic Games): “Being your first meet back, you have no idea what’s going to happen when you get in. So I actually got very nervous today, not knowing what kind of time was going to come out of it, so that’s kind of what got me moving today.”
Men’s 200y Individual Medley - Final
  1. Vini Lanza (Belo Horizonte, Brazil/Indiana University), 1:43.57
  2. Nate Carr (Charleston, W.Va./Club Mountaineer Aquatics), 1:45.01
  3. Omar Pinzon (Bogota, Colombia/FAST Swim Team), 1:45.84
Race Notes
  • Lanza led from the start en route to the 200y IM victory.

Women’s 50y Freestyle - Final
  1. Amanda Weir (Lawrenceville, Ga./SwimAtlanta), 21.81
  2. Caroline Baldwin (Westfield, N.J./University of North Carolina), 22.33
  3. Isabella Arcila (Colombia/Canyons Aquatic Club), 22.40
Race Notes
  • Weir is a three-time Olympian and four-time Olympic medalist.
  • Weir will compete next week for Team USA at the FINA World Championships (25m) in Windsor, Canada.
Weir (on her swim ahead of Short Course Worlds): “I’m happy with it. I’m unshaved, I’m starting to rest for a big, big meet next week.”

Weir (on competing two weeks in a row): “Well it’s here, so this is where I practice. So it’s either race for practice or go find somewhere else to practice, so why not race?”


Men’s 50y Freestyle - Final

  1. Bowen Becker (Las Vegas, Nev./University of Minnesota), 19.67
  2. Jacob Molacek (Omaha, Neb./Greater Omaha Aquatics), 19.69
  3. Sam Lorentz (Indianapolis, Ind./Indiana University), 19.70

Race Notes

  • The three podium finishers were separated by just three-hundredths of a second.
  • As a tune-up for next week’s FINA World Championships (25m), Tom Shields swam butterfly in the final and finished sixth in 21.10.



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