Guidelines for Competing Internationally

Guidelines for Competing Internationally

By Lindsay Mintenko//National Team Managing Director  | Monday, June 15, 2015

This summer, USA Swimming is sending four international teams around the world to represent the USA in international competition. Having been there myself, this is quite an honor. Being able to wear the American flag on your cap is one of the greatest memories I have from my swimming career, an honor that should never be taken for granted. This summer athletes will compete in Korea, Canada, Russia and Singapore, all countries that are rich in history and culture. When you are representing the U.S., your school, your club, your family and your town, it is important to remember how you are perceived around the world.

  • Always respect the country you are visiting. Take the time to research their cultures so you do not offend or disrespect the country you are visiting. Be respectful.
  • Be grateful for the opportunity you have been given to represent your country. You are a part of an international team because you worked hard and earned it. However, not everyone gets this opportunity. Be appreciative.
  • Act humbly. You will be the center of attention representing the USA while you are traveling. It is okay to be proud that you are there, but remember all eyes are on you and you are representing a lot of people. Be humble.

Traveling internationally can be a blast, but can also be very challenging. You are expected to swim at your best ever and you will not have the same amenities you are used to at home. Prepare yourself to swim fast under any conditions, and you will rock it!



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