Domestic Background Checking Program



USA Swimming is committed to the safety of athletes and participants involved in sport. The purpose of the USA Swimming background check program is to protect persons at risk, including, but not limited to, minors and vulnerable adults. Criminal background checking is not intended to serve as a pre-employment screening program. The background checking process is a criminal record search and is not a substitute for a club conducting appropriate pre-employment inquiries of applicants. Clubs should carefully check references and prior employers.   


Completing a USA Swimming background check is an online process that starts on this page. Click on “Initiate a Background Check” to start. You will start the process on the USA Swimming website and subsequently be directed to the IntelliCorp Records website.

Once on the IntelliCorp Records site, you will provide the information requested and pay for the check. Print and save the last page as confirmation that you initiated a check. If you encounter a problem with the process, please contact our dedicated customer service team at IntelliCorp Records at (866) 637-0010. 


Key Program Details

  • All USA Swimming non-athlete members (except Junior Coaches) are required to complete a criminal background check. 
  • All adult National Team and National Junior Team athletes are required to complete a criminal background check.
  • All adult athletes selected to participate in national or international team, or events to which the USOPC sends athletes are required to complete a criminal background check.
  • All adults training at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center are required to complete a criminal background check.
  • The fee for all new background check reports is $38.
  • The fee for renewing background check reports is $18.
  • Anyone who has been associated with an address in certain New York counties may be subject to an additional fee for county criminal searches (see FAQ #13).
  • The criteria used to evaluate background checks is presented in the Background Check Policy PDF. 
  • IntelliCorp Records will perform checks based on four key identifiers - name, address history, date of birth and social security number.
  • Protection of sensitive personal information is a key component of the program.
  • Members without a SSN may be required to take an international check (see FAQ #12). Please contact to request information regarding international checks.
  • It takes 7-10 business days on average for IntelliCorp Records to return the background check to the applicant. Please be aware of the return time frame and renew your background check at the beginning of the month in which it expires to avoid any lapse in membership. 
  • Your non-athlete membership in USA Swimming,  your appointment to the National Team or National Junior Team, your eligibility to participate on a national or international team, or an event to which the USOPC sends athletes, and your ability to train at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center is subject to successful completion of the criminal background check.  
  • The program will provide members an opportunity to challenge incorrect information in the background check report before a membership decision is made. 
  • Background checks must be renewed every 24 months.  If you do not renew your background check within 30 days of its expiration, you will need to complete the new member background check. 

See the Background Check Policy and FAQ documents for more information.


Additional Information

Anyone who has been living in the United States for the past 10 years or longer or who has a Social Security Number (SSN) or IRS-issued Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) should initiate the background check.

*If you joined USA Swimming in 2015 or earlier in the membership category "Other", and you are now changing your membership to "Coach" or "Official" you MUST complete the "New Member Background Check".



Click here to initiate a new background check.



Please enter your first name, last name, and date of birth in the boxes below and follow the instructions to complete a background check.


International Background Check
Anyone living outside the United States for more than 13 consecutive months within the past 10 years and any first-time resident of the United States who does not have a SSN or ITIN should contact to receive instructions on how to complete a background check.