Tom Ugast, Vice-Chair Fiscal Oversight

Tom UgastI'm the Chief Executive Officer of Nation’s Capital Swim Club in the metro Washington, D.C., area. We have approximately 50 coaches and 1,850 athletes in our competitive USA Swimming program. We have another 350 swimmers in our developmental program along with one swim school.

I applied to be considered as a candidate because I feel I can help with our new Board structure to think strategically about our long-term success.

I currently serve as the General Chair of Potomac Valley Swimming with 12,500 athletes, 561 coaches and 667 officials. My goal on the Board is to listen to all members of our NGB including athletes, coaches, officials and parents to achieve our goals as an organization.

The most important goal is that we give every athlete the opportunity to reach his or her potential. We also need to make sure they are in a safe environment, so Safe Sport will be paramount to meeting our goals. I will also make sure I represent the concerns of coaches and officials to our staff. We cannot do what we do without your commitment and support and I will listen.

The new Board will be tasked with counseling our staff to carry out the mission of our NGB. I believe we have a great staff of employees and I want to make sure we are giving them the resources to meet our goals.



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