Zone Select Camps

2019 Zone Select Camp Dates & Locations

Zone Site Location Dates
Central Zone University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH May 23-26, 2019
Southern Zone University of Louisville Louisville, KY May 23-26, 2019
Eastern Zone University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA May 30-June 2, 2019
Western Zone San Diego State University San Diego, CA June 6-9, 2019

2019 Athlete Selection:

28 male and 28 female athletes are selected in each of the four Zones.
Selected girls must be age 12-13 at the time of performance.
Selected boys must be age 13-14 at the time of performance.
14 athletes of each gender are selected based on 2018 Long Course Meters (LCM) IMX point scores according to the following:
Seven girls age 12 and seven boys age 13
Seven girls age 13 and seven boys age 14
Then, the fastest swimmer in each Zone in each Long Course Meters (LCM) Olympic event (including the 800 and 1500 for both genders) is invited for a total of 14 additional male and 14 additional female athletes. If a swimmer was already selected based on IMX score, the next fastest swimmer is selected in that event.

Full Criteria is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact Morgan Weinberg at 719-866-3211.


Q: Can an athlete attend a Zone Select Camp in the spring and then attend National Select Camp in the fall?
A: Yes. In fact, we hope that a lot of athletes who attend Zone Select Camps will then go on to have terrific summer seasons and qualify for National Select Camp.

Q: Can an athlete attend multiple camps in the spring? For example Diversity Select Camp and Zone Select?

A: During the same year an athlete can attend either the Diversity Select Camp or the Zone Select Camp, not both. There is the possibility that an athlete could be selected for the Open Water Select Camp and one of the other spring camps. Since a key purpose of the Open Water Camp is to entice accomplished pool distance swimmers to try Open Water swimming, we will not force an athlete to choose between the Open Water Select Camp and another spring camp. So, an athlete cannot attend both the Diversity Select Camp and the Zone Select Camp in the same year, but can attend the Zone Select Camp or Diversity Select Camp and the Open Water Select Camp in the same year.

Q: Can an athlete attend the same camp more than once?
A: No. Zone Select Camp, Diversity Select Camp, National Select Camp, Open Water Select Camp and National Junior Team Camp are all subject to the same rule: an athlete can attend each camp only once. An athlete who is selected but turns the opportunity down is eligible to be selected the following year. An athlete who is selected, accepts the opportunity and then fails to attend the camp is not eligible for a subsequent selection to the same camp.

Q: What is the progression of camps? Can an athlete "step down" a level from one year to the next?
A: The basic progression is: 1. Zone Select Camp/Diversity Select Camp 2. National Select Camp 3. National Junior Team Camp. An athlete who has ever attended a camp in the progression cannot "step down" to a lower level camp. An athlete who is selected for a higher level camp, but turns the offer down and does not attend is eligible for the lower level camp. If an athlete is selected for and accepts the offer to attend the camp and then is a "no show" the athlete is not eligible for a lower level camp.

Q: Where do LSC Camps fit into the progression? Can an athlete attend a Zone or National Camp and then attend an LSC Camp?
A: LSC Camp selection policies are determined by the LSC. An LSC may chose to restrict attendance by athletes who have attended Zone or National Camps or they may chose to include those athletes in their LSC Camps.

Q: Where does the Open Water Select Camp fit into the progression of camps?
A: The Open Water Select Camp is not part of the progression. USA Swimming wants to entice pool swimmers to try Open Water Swimming. An athlete can attend any other camp at any level and also be selected for an Open Water Select Camp.



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