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This FAQ is provided to help answer some of the questions you may have regarding OME. We recommend going "hands-on" with the setup process as there is instructional text for each step of the meet creation process that will lead you. Please contact the USA Swimming liaison listed in OME for suggestions on how to manage unique entry rules and with any questions that may not be answered below. It is recommended that you also review the OME FAQ for Coaches as it may help you answer some of the questions you could receive.

A: Unfortunately, you are not able to duplicate an entire meet, but there are certain areas that can be copied from a previous meet. To copy these areas from an earlier meet, you will need to be logged into the same website account that created the meet you're copying from. You can copy 'Age Groups', rules for 'Deck Passes', and 'Purchase Items'. Note that when you're copying Age Groups, you can also create default events from the same meet you're copying from (the event order and time standards will be duplicated). However, you will need to adjust the event dates and re-add any alternate distance qualifying events (e.g. use SCY 500 freestyle time to qualify for the LCM 400 freestyle).
A: At this time, there is not a method available that would allow you to upload your event and time standard information.
A: You will have to delete and re-add the age group with the correct number of relays. In order to delete an age group, you will first have to delete the events that use the age group. You might consider only removing the relay events and adding another age group only for the purpose of relay events. You will not be able to remove an event if a team has already made entries to the event. If entries to the event haven't yet been submitted, you can removed them from the event, delete the event, change your age groups, recreate the relay event, then add the entries back to the event. You may want to turn the 'Meet Status' to 'Off' to prevent teams from potentially submitting their entries (just make sure to turn your entries back 'On' when you're done). If an entry to the event has already been submitted, you will need to create another age group and event, and direct teams to enter the alternate event instead of the previous one. It may be easier to manually accept the entries and payment outside OME.
A: The only cost you incur as the host is if you choose to accept entry payments by credit card. 5% of each credit card transaction will be deducted by USA Swimming to cover the cost of transaction fees. There is no cost to create a meet and no cost if you choose to accept entry payments at the meet by cash or check.
A: You will receive a check from USA Swimming once per week. The check will be sent to the address provided in the 'Payment Contact' section of the 'Meet Contacts' configuration step.
A: If the age groups have the same time standard, then you can create one event in OME for the combined age groups. If the age groups have different time standards, you will have to create an event for each age group/time standard combination. You can merge the events and setup the event format in your meet management software.
A: The first thing to check is the entry period on the 'Online Entry Dates' section of your meet configuration. If everything looks as it should there, head to the 'Meet Status' page and confirm that the 'Online Registration Status' is turned 'On'.


If you're having an issue with your entry in the OME system, first consider consulting the meet information provided by the host, which will explain the entry rules for the meet. If what's listed in the meet information and what OME is allowing you to do doesn't seem to match, please then contact the meet director for guidance as a mistake may have been made during the OME setup process. USA Swimming doesn't have the authority to make changes to a meet configuration that it's not managing entries for. Please contact Jaime Lewis at USA Swimming if you're running into technical issues not answered below.

A: Entry times are not automatically updated by the OME system. The meet director has the ability to allow or prohibit entry times from being updated. To update your times, access your entries in the 'My Meets' section of OME using the same website account used to create the entry. Navigate to the 'Individual Events' and/or 'Relay Events' section of your entry. Click directly on the time you'd like to update (will be highlighted in blue if the meet director allows entry times to be updated). Select a new time from the database or enter an override time (if the meet director allows override entry times).
A: Contact the meet director for instructions on how they'd like to handle NTs in OME. Typically, the meet director will allow override entry times and use the time of 59:59.59 to indicate NT. If you use this suggestion, you will have to enter a generic meet name and performance date (within the qualification period) to accompany the override entry time.
A: An event cannot be deleted after the entry is submitted and USA Swimming will not refund the cost for that event. If you have not submitted your entries you can return to the respective page and click the 'X' next to the event/item. You can add to your entry at any time during the entry period, even after you've already submitted entries. To add to an entry you previously started you will need to navigate to the 'My Meets' section of OME using the same website account used to create the entry. An option may be to start your entries and wait until closer to the entry deadline (when you're 100% certain your entries are accurate) before checking out.
A: To access an entry you previously started you will need to be logged into the same website account that you used to create the entry. You are not able to view your entries across multiple website accounts, even if your USA Swimming ID is linked to each account. If you're starting an entry and receive a message that your team is already entered in the meet, please contact the meet director to determine the account that was used to create the previous entry.
A: (a) During the meet setup process, the meet director has the option to require registrants to enter the USA Swimming ID of the team's head coach in order to create the entry. The head coach doesn't necessarily need to be the person who creates the entry, but their USA Swimming ID will need to be entered by the person who is creating the entry. Contact the registration chair for your Local Swimming Committee if your head coach's USA Swimming ID won't allow you to start the entry. (b) If you receive this message it is because your coaching membership isn't active. This could be because your membership has expired or your coaching certifications aren't up-to-date. You can provide the USA Swimming ID of another coach on your team whose membership is active; otherwise, you will need to update your information with the registration chair for your Local Swimming Committee.
A: Each website account is limited to one entry per meet. To enter multiple unattached Individuals, you will need to create and/or use as many website accounts has you have unattached individuals.
A: The account you use to start an entry doesn't matter - you can use an account you already have, even if your primary use was with another team. To start a team's entry in OME, you'll need to provide the LSC, Club Code, and the USA Swimming ID of a coach registered to the program (the Meet Director can require you to provide the USA Swimming ID of the head coach). OME will determine what team to start an entry for once that information is submitted.
A: The OME system is currently unable to determine when the entry time for a bonus event is updated and achieves the hard cut. Contact the meet director for options to manually remove the bonus event, add a new bonus event, and pay for the addition after entries are exported from OME.
A: Ensure that the card information and billing address are correct. If you are receiving a System Error message, it could be because it is taking the system too long to receive confirmation from the credit card company. Another possibility is that you have a phone number listed as the email address associated with the website account you're using. To view and/or modify this email address, log into your website account and click 'My Account' in the top-right corner of the page. If these suggestions don't solve the problem, contact the meet director as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment methods. The meet director can submit the entry for you without immediate payment.
A: Confirmation emails are sent to the email address associated with the website account used to create the entry. To view and/or modify this email address, log into your website account and click 'My Account' in the top-right corner of the page. The email address listed in the account information tab is where the confirmation email was sent.